Reverend Leslie is a Wedding Officiant in New York City (NYC) metropolitan area

including Northern New Jersey & Long Island





Former clients herald Reverend Leslie for the "extraordinary sensitivity and spirituality" he brought to their ceremonies. As both an interfaith minister and a practicing psychotherapist, Harry prioritizes the couple's needs and personalizes the process as much as possible. He welcomes any & all faiths.

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Wonderful heart centered prayers that can include family and friends.




All ceremonies are beautiful and unique & written for each couple's personal needs.

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A ceremony that is

beautifully unique.

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Reverend Leslie Harry will provide a wedding ceremony specialized to your needs.




Rev. Leslie Harry will provide wedding ceremony which is specialized to whatever each couple needs, compassionate & unbiased non-denomina-

tional, every wedding ceremony is personalized for the individual couple.

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Wedding Vows






Every year, about two million couples get married in the USA. Once the engagement is announced, planning goes into high gear.


The bride searches for the perfect invitations and the perfect gown. Flowers, tuxedos, the size of the guest list, dresses for the bridesmaids, shoes and a host of other details must all be planned.


In the frenzy of wedding planning, the wedding ceremony and wedding vows are often overlooked until the last minute.


And yet, no other part of the wedding day is likely to be as meaningful to you as the ceremony that joins you and your love as husband and wife.


The wedding ceremony and the wedding vows are the heart and soul of the wedding celebration, and form memories that you will cherish for years to come.


That's why you'll be happy to know that Reverend Leslie is well known for his touching wedding vows, the poignant and beautiful ring ceremonies that brides rave about, and for the touching and heartfelt candle and wine ceremonies that couples and families of the couple write to thank him for.


Reverend Leslie brings extraordinary sensitivity, spirituality and emotion to each and every wedding ceremony he performs.


While you atttend to the other details of wedding planning, rest assured that he will play a very important part in ensuring that your wedding ceremony and wedding vows are personalized to reflect the sentiments that are important to you.


When your guests dab tears of joy and sentiment at your wedding ceremony, and when you treasure those moments in the years to come, you will be glad that you contacted Reverend Leslie.






    "Your love, care and thoughtfulness helped make that day the happiest of our lives."


    Chuck & Anna



    "We have been extremely happy in our married life. We credit much of the joy we feel to the extraordinary sensitivity and spirituality you brought to our ceremony and the opening moments of our lives together. Your words made our wedding ceremony joyous and beautiful... it is a moment we will treasure always."


    Stephen & Catherine